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Traditional tattoo meaning

1) Religious tattoo Traditioanl

Traditional owners in Indonesia, besides the people who still have traditional tattoos, now we often see in many places such as the social environment, academic environment, mass media, and others. At this time, ownership of tattoos have become commonplace and tolerated as a fashion trend that developed at this time with a variety of motives. Ownership tattoos now considered to have more "free" from political elements and the public image of the tattoo is negative. 

Tattoo On The Old Dayak

 Like several other tribes such as the Mentawai tribe-think tattoos / body merajah as cases involving religious tradition and signifies a social strata. In the Dayak tribes, they know his name betik. Aside from being a cultural value, a tattoo is a spiritual art form that combines images of humans, animals and plants into a unity that expresses the unity of human life and spiritual matters contained in the cosmos. Betik performed on a member of the Dayak tribe as a gift to them because it was considered 'heroes'. There are special rules for each member of the Dayak tribe in describing a tattoo, depending on the social status of people who tattooed and what things have been done by that person. Tattoos can also be different for men and women, each has 'reservations' and the benchmark itself. Like for example, when a man from the Tribe D

How Tattoos in Dayak 

 Before making tattoos generally depict them in advance that will be painted motif. After that, the tattoos carved by sticking a needle to pierce the skin of the eye. Before getting to know the needle, they get a tattoo with spines obtained from the orange tree. To describe the tattoos on your body, the Dayaks use natural materials, namely in the form of charcoal, wood and resin kayuulin as the main ingredient they use. In addition, the soot-pots can also be used to produce the color black. Way, wood charcoal resin until finely ground. The result is then mixed with traditional oil Dayak tribe. After the ingredients are mixed, can be used to make traditional Dayak tattoo.

Beliefs about the tattoo on Dayak In women

tattoo associated with the belief / religion. Tattooing is believed to be a lamp / torch that will accompany a person when he suffered death, namely as a friend in the life of eternity. Unique indeed. Therefore, more and more tattoos is a good thing, more and more tattoos on their bodies, means more of the torch that will accompany them in the way of immortality after death. Death and birth is an important issue which is shown with a circle tato.Tato offers visual testimony as a rejection of the Dayak tribe to accept the end of death can not be destroyed. Tattooing is an articulation symbol depicting Dayak ideology implicit in the lives of their presence, as if it were a canvas of their own lives. In the ritual of doing a tattoo, male members of the family wear clothing made of

skin. Leather clothing is usually worn on the body of tribal leaders at a funeral or occupied by widows. At different times, the human head hunters use them during important ceremonies. It seems that the relationship between the tattoo with the use of clothing made of bark indicate that a person will experience a new side of life after death. So not surprisingly, each of the Dayak community consisting of individuals which consists of death and life, where every member of the tribe who died later will stay with the Ancestors / Ancestor village of the dead. Is there a perfect world is built, many fruit trees, streets lined with gold and jewelry, which is considered the most perfect by members of the Dayak tribe in life after death. they, in a place with the concept, tattoos and death can not be separated from something else.

Traditional designs are using heavy black outlines with minimal color and a lot of black shades. So, they are usually darker in appearance and the color choice is limited to simple colors such as average blue, green, red and yellow. Colors are used in blocks with very few details. Also, they are being styled in such a standard way that everything they portray appears as a two-dimensional shape, without any three-dimensional depth.
Traditional designs usually lack a lot of complicity since they were done years ago with less advanced equipment and the tattoos were made fast at lower prices. Many traditional tattoo designs are portraying military and nautical motives and themes, as navy and army men were the primary tattoo clients. This traditional style preserved its popularity throughout the years, thanks to its historical significance, clearly readable simplicity and traditional American roots.
In order to make real traditional designs, tattoo artists have to work with a set of rules which will make their tattoos really traditional. These rules mostly apply on certain motives and themes and how these could be colored or drawn. For their basis traditional artists are using the work of respected and well known pioneers of this style, such as Sailor Jerry Collins, Don Ed Hardy and Lyle Tuttle. That is why a large number of traditional designs are being taken directly or interpreted from the sheets of tattoo designs prepared for mass replication, widely known as "flash".

Those collectors who would like to get a real and fully "traditional" custom tattoo should be aware of the strict guidelines these tattoo designs imply. It is therefore wise that you choose a tattoo artist that is familiar with these guidelines and can give you the traditional tattoo with a twist of yourself or the artist. If they do not pay heed about this aspect of traditional tattoo designs, a person may end up with a "knock off" or "untrue" traditional tattoo, which will be discerned by all the people knowledgeable in the art of tattooing. Of course, this may not be important to you at all.

One of the newer aspects of traditional tattoo designs is the neo-traditional design, a design that has become more popular in the past few years. The neo-traditional tattoo is made by combining the rules of the traditional tattoos and some modern techniques and tools. This usually results in an original yet advanced tattoo. To give an example, a tattoo performed in a neo-traditional style, may still have simplified shapes and fat black outlines and characteristic for the traditional practice, while also introducing much broader color palette and some unusual, modern theme or motive. The neo-traditional tattoo designs are great for those people that like the traditional designs but would like something more original.

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